Solution for Digestion Problems

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After checking most of my patients who has digestion problems, they complain about indigestion, stomach ache etc. and then they say that my abdomen is troubling me. I tell them that your abdomen is not troubling you, YOU are the one who is troubling your abdomen.
My patients will always say, doctor what should I tell you, we are very troubled with our abdomen, it pains, it bloats, constipation, gas, acidity… and from piles to heartache all the complaints start opening up.
To explain them I ask them-
How frequently do you eat? The answer comes, anytime.

Then I ask them again, what time do you take your dinner and when do you sleep after eating food.
They answer, somewhere between 10-12 pm and they sleep while watching tv.
How many cups of tea in a day?? Starting from 3 cups to 10-12 cups a day.
Do you take tobacco, cigarette etc? Most men says yes to it.
Do you drink hold water or cold?
They reply how will we quench our thirst with
hot water?? So we drink cold water.
Do you take salads or fruits?
Answer is sometimes.
How many kms do you walk in a day? Most of them laugh and some says they take stairs in the house only for 5 to 6 times a day.
These questions automatically makes them aware about how they are torturing their gut and on top of it they are blaming their abdomen only.
Still I ask them whose fault is it… yours or your innocent abdomen’s?
The picture gets a bit clear in their mind.
So if you are also troubled with your abdomen, then think about it once that your abdomen has troubled you or you have troubled your abdomen…

  • Eat at a fix time
  • Walk daily for 3-4 kms
  • Drink hot water (if not much then 3 to 4 glasses atleast)
  • Eat 3 hours before you sleep
  • Have fruits and salads daily,and then if your abdomen still disturbs you then we can agree yes your abdomen has indeed troubled you.

And even after all these suggestions , the problem persists then you should revisit.



Dr.Pashupati Nath

About the Author

He is a well renouned Ayurvedic Doctor (MD), he gives treatment to the patients through the physical,psychological and spiritual way of Ayurveda

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  1. Some very important points have been put together in a very interesting way. Thank you for making us aware that we need to take responsibility of our stomach before it gets too late.

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