How to have a healthy Body, Mind and Soul?

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How to have a healthy Body, Mind and Soul?

With the help of Ahaar (Regimen)


The body grows, develops strength, and gradually matures from the time of conception. Proper time (Kala Yoga), favourable disposition of the nature (Swabhava Samsiddhi), brilliance of properties of food (Ahara Sausthava) and absence of inhibiting factors (Avighata) are the factors responsible for the growth of the body. The health is also the utmost foundation for the accomplishments of life. Hence, Ayurveda aims to preserve the state of health. Health as well as disease is dependent on several factors. Amongst these, food (Ahara) is the most important one.
The human body requires food to provide energy for all life process and for growth, repair and maintenance of cells and tissues. The nutritional needs vary according to age, sex and occupation. A balanced diet contains different types of foods in such quantities and proportions that the need of the body is effectively met. Eating a well-balanced diet on a regular basis and staying at an ideal weight are critical factors in maintaining the emotional and physical well-being. In Ayurveda Diet forms the important component of life as it is included in the three pillars of life (Traya- upastambha). Being supported by these three well-regulated factors of life, the body is endowed with strength, complexion and growth, and continues till the full span of life, provided a person does not indulge in such regimen as are detrimental to health. Ayurveda specified the characteristics of food in terms of quality, quantity and time which vary with age, constitution, digestive power, season, disease and also from person to person. One must devour the diet, which is suitable to him in all facets, and deviation from these may cause diseases. In addition to these, wrong cooking procedures, irregular timing, and consuming imbalanced and non-congenial food and not following the prescribed rules for preparing, preserving and eating food may also cause imbalance of health.

We can attain all this with help of Ahaar .

But what do we understand by Ahaar (regimen)?

When we hear the name of the regimen, the first thing which comes in our mind is of drinking or eating food. But are these the only things necessary for our nourishment?  Does our diet comprise of more things, that we do not even think of?

Let us take a look at what does regimen actually mean. We take regimen as our diet which could possibly a big mistake we are doing.

Regimen means that we are taking things from outside to inside our body. When we look at a beautiful flower, then regimen is happening. Eyes appear to be having a regimen of a beautiful flower. The eye is doing regimen of beauty. The ears are listening to music, we are doing regimen of music. Ears are taking the regimen of sound. When we touch someone, then our hands are taking the regimen of touch. Every pore of our body is taking regimen of touch of someone’s aroma. The entire body is our regimen system. All our senses are taking the outside world inside us. But we are doing a mistake by considering only refreshments to be our food.

Naturally, whatever we are accumulating in our body will get reduced in 24 hours. And this only makes us healthy or ill. For this reason, we see patients getting sick even after taking complete and controlled diet. The root cause of this is that we consider diet to be our regimen.


The body is a microcosmic universe made up of the five primordial elements or panchmahabhutas.


The living body (jeevsharir), is formed with a combination of body, mind and soul, and the nature is nourishing it every moment for us. Our body is made up of Panchmahabhoot, and our gyanendriyas (senses) are indicater of panchmahabhoot. So our body gets nourishment with these panchmahabhoot with the help of gyanendriya.That is why in Ayurveda, it is explained that we should take food based on our Prakriti. You can read my article on Prakriti here to understand more about it.  Lead your life following ritucharya and dinchayra .

Any material in the universe, according to Ayurveda is composed of five basic elements, the Pancha Mahabhootas, namely Prithvi (Earth), Ap (Water), Teja (Fire), Vayu (Air) and Akasha (Ether). The Tridoshas (Biological Humors) i.e. Vata, Pitta & Kapha which constitutes the body is also made up of Pancha mahabhootas. Whatever food we eat either has Dosha aggravating action or pacifying or balancing action on human body. To keep the homoeostasis of Doshas (health), Ayurveda has described specific diet. Proper planning and indulging of the diet can maintains our body.

“Words are also kind of a “food”. Which word to serve at which time, once we learn that then there is no best chef other than that.

Every word has its own taste, taste it before serving it. If you don’t like it yourself then how will the other person like it?”


In our clinic we provide you with all treatment based on your prakriti, so you can have a healthy body, mind and soul.



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